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G1 Greenworks Stubby Nozzle Leaf Blower Attachment 80V 580CFM


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Product Information

Innovative Leaf Blower Attachment

Compatible with Greenworks (2400102, 2404502, 2400902, 2418702)

Unleash the full potential of your Greenworks Gen 1 Series Leaf Blower with our innovative leaf blower nozzle attachment. Designed with car enthusiasts in mind, this attachment redefines the way you dry your car.

Standout Features:

1. Tailored for Greenworks Gen 1 Leaf Blowers: Engineered to seamlessly fit, our nozzle attachment ensures a snug and efficient connection for optimal performance.

2. Precision Drying: Shortening the factory nozzle attachment from 22″ down to 8″ provides highly targeted airflow, making car drying faster, more precise, and easier to maneuver. Say goodbye to water spots and hello to a showroom-worthy finish.

3. Paint-Safe Silicone Guard: Featuring a no-scratch design we include a green silicone band, our attachment goes the extra mile to protect your car’s paint. The extremely soft and thick band provides an additional layer of defense, ensuring scratch-free drying every time.

4. On-Demand 3D Printing: Each order is custom 3D printed on demand, ensuring a precise fit and top-notch quality. Experience a product that’s made just for you.

5. Quality Assured: Prior to shipping, every attachment undergoes rigorous testing to meet our high-quality standards. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Product Dimensions & Shipping

Made in Canada this product is 3D printed with each order being printed on demand taking 2-3 days to print and process your order. Your Greenworks stubby nozzle will arrive at your door in approximately 6-8 business days from ordering. We included tracking numbers with all purchases this tracking number will be emailed to you upon shipping your product.

Note: The 3D printing process does leave small imperfections in the finish of the product this is normal. All products are checked for quality assurance before being shipped to our customers.

Compatible with Greenworks (2400102)

This product is 8″ long with a nozzle opening of 2.3″

We include the 8″ nozzle attachment with the Green band protector to protect your car’s paint from scratches when drying your car.